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Access Keyboard Shortcuts

It is worth taking the time to get to know these shortcuts - they make data entry much quicker than using the mouse.  Many of these shortcuts also work in other Windows programs.

There are many more Access shortcuts listed in the Help but the most useful ones are listed below.   Remember that it is also possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to any field or button on an Access form.   If there is something that you keep having to use the mouse to do, then let us know!

Also remember that it is possible to use the Sort and Filter buttons to change the presentation of many sub forms - i.e. lists of Orders etc.

Moving Around  
[Tab] sets focus to the next field
[Ctrl]+[F] opens the Find dialog
[Ctrl]+[Left/Right Arrow] move to beginning of previous/next word
[Ctrl]+[Up/Down Arrow] move to beginning of previous/next paragraph
[Ctrl]+[F6] switch between open forms
[F6] switch between header and body and footer sections of a form
[F11] open the data base window
[Shift]+[Enter] save the current record - can  be useful if you have made a lot of changes and want to keep working on the same record
[Ctrl]+[+] add a new record on datasheet views
[Ctrl]+[-] delete the current record
Entering Data  
[Ctrl]+[Enter] inserts a new line in memo and note fields
[Ctrl]+[C] copy the selected text on to the clipboard
[Ctrl]+[X] remove the selected text and put it on the clipboard
[Ctrl]+[V] pastes the contents of the clipboard
[Ctrl]+[A] selects all text in the current field
[Ctrl]+[Z] undoes the last action
[Shift]+[Left/Right Arrow] select one letter
[Shift]+[Up/Down Arrow] select one line
[Ctrl]+ [Shift]+[Left/Right Arrow] select one word
[Ctrl]+ [Shift]+[Up/Down Arrow] select one paragraph
[Spacebar] toggles the value of a check box or option button
[F4] open a combo box or list box - ([Alt] + Down Arrow also works)
[F7] checks spelling
[Esc] undo changes to the current field or to the current record (press [Esc] twice to undo both)
[Ctrl]+[;] insert today's date
[Ctrl]+[:] insert the time
[Ctrl]+['] copy the field from the previous record
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Spacebar] insert the default value for the field - can be used if you have overwritten the default

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